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No other solution out there is in the same league in terms of the functionality and ROI that SmartTurn provides.--Ray Moya, COO, Argent Associates

SmartTurn Customer Success

Companies of all sizes and industries depend on SmartTurn's easy-to-use, on-demand, quick-to-implement web-based warehouse inventory control system to maximize employee productivity, reduce costs and gain real-time inventory visibility and control.

Each of these companies chose SmartTurn to simplify how they manage the flow of inventory.

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Featured Customer Successes

Markley Enterprise, Inc. “Dicentral's On-Demand WMS provides an easy-to-deploy, full-featured WMS without any of the heavy lifting.” Success Story


ThyssenKrupp USA “Based on our specific business requirements, SmartTurn's on-demand system delivered the right combination of functionality with the necessary level of adaptability.” Success Story
Argent Associates “With SmartTurn, Argent saves anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000 each month in supply chain efficiencies.” Success Story


West International Medical Supplies “SmartTurn's flexibility is a tremendous benefit for us so we had it operational at the 'flip of a switch' without worrying about significant IT investments.” Success Story
SBC Fulfillment “SmartTurn allowed us to rapidly grow our business through a flexible on-demand model. Because we can add additional fulfillment clients with a no-cost, web-based WMS, our clients love it.” Success Story
USA Cycling “We have a system in SmartTurn that can do almost anything, providing us with accurate visibility and excellent record keeping, all in a highly adaptable environment designed to meet our changing needs.” Success Story
AAdvantage northAmerican “Accuracy went from 91% to 99%, allowing us to provide better customer service and avoid expensive errors. We only lost one box last quarter reducing shrinkage costs by thousands of dollars.” Success Story
Global Environmental Services “The SmartTurn WMS is directly responsible for helping us generate $7,000 to $12,000 in positive cash flow each quarter.” Success Story
IDC Construction “Our warehouse manager is indescribably happy with the SmartTurn system and is beyond thankful to have this micro-tracking ability.” Success Story
Prologistics / Grayling Industries “This new capability has helped us win new customers. SmartTurn's web-based system has kept our initial investment costs down.” Success Story
Frozen Gourmet “It's the daily visibility into inventory status that counts. I now have a five-day lead time on my ordering and SmartTurn has definitely helped me manage daily inventory levels.” Success Story Audio Interview
Habitat for Humanity Greater Los Angeles “SmartTurn will allow Habitat for Humanity to build more houses quickly and efficiently with less time spent worrying about the flow of supplies, inventory, tracking, and allocation necessary to make this project a success.” Press Release
Oracle CMS “Having a system like SmartTurn gives customers confidence that their product is being well looked after. Customers are empowered and feel like they have complete control.” Success Story Audio Interview

Perspectives on SmartTurn:

Industry Influencers

“Much more complicated and costly fulfillment approaches aspire to this level of coordination, but with usually disappointing results. SmartTurn's flat, per-site monthly charge is likely to turn the industry on its ear.”
– John Fontanella, AMR lead WMS Analyst

“Best-in-class companies are over four times more likely to have partnered with 3PLs/LSPs that over-perform in their ability to provide real-time visibility of inventory in warehouses.”
– AberdeenGroup

“SmartTurn will shake up the WMS industry.”
– Steve Banker Service Director, SCM, ARC Advisory Group


“We wanted a SaaS solution that adhered to a specific set of criteria — functional, customizable, economical and user friendly — and supported by top-notch customer service. SmartTurn not only fit that criteria, but it was refreshing to get straight answers from the sales team on the capabilities of the system.”
– Robert de la Mora, Managing Partner, ABCG Enterprises

“SmartTurn is the best decision I ever made. Simple, affordable and quick to implement, it has been critical to our success. If you're relying on a paper-based system, then you're not getting the inventory visibility and collaboration necessary to make intelligent decisions. No other solution out there is in the same league in terms of the functionality and ROI that SmartTurn provides.”
– Ray Moya, COO, Argent Associates

“In our decision-making process, we wanted a WMS that provided the functionality, ease of use and quick deployment time that would scale with our operations. SmartTurn provides that foundation for our customers to securely collaborate and share information across our business network.”
– Richard Franklin, Corporate Director of Operations, Komyo America, a subsidiary of Honda Logistics and Honda Motor Company

“This new capability has helped us win new customers. SmartTurn's web-based system has kept our initial investment costs down, we can onboard new customers at no additional cost to us. We can give customers an answer in a couple of seconds. Prologistics also has been able to attract several new customers because it can use SmartTurn to manage their inventory at no additional cost to them. The information is so accurate that we've been able to completely eliminate line stoppages. We have not had one this year.”
– Carol Runnels, President, Prologistics

“Accuracy went from 91% to 99%, allowing us to provide better customer service and avoid expensive errors. We only lost one box last quarter reducing shrinkage costs by thousands of dollars. We were disappointed to find out that most WMS solutions wanted $10,000 up-front just to do an evaluation. We also needed a system that would allow us to deploy Windows CE mobile handhelds out of the box, and for our clients to have their own login to a web interface. Most of all, we wanted a solution that was easy to implement and integrate into our existing IT, and it had to be scalable with our growing business needs. SmartTurn was the clear choice.”
– Juddy Harris, Delivery & Warehouse Manager, Aadvantage northAmerican

“With SmartTurn, we have fewer stock-outs. I know what I have coming and how to prepare for spikes in demand.”
– David McDaniel, Warehouse Manager, Frozen Gourmet

“Our business required a solution that not only works here in Australia, but one that could expand internationally with our diverse customer base. Order fulfillment accuracy and visibility to 3PLs and suppliers are essential, and SmartTurn was simply the only solution that met our requirements. In addition, with the SmartTurn WMS, we have the adaptability and agility to respond to the changing marketplace.”
– Christopher Chang, Director, Pik Pak Logistics

“SmartTurn has consistently provided us with the integrated solutions we need to improve client service and reduce cost. With SmartTurn's ease of use and short-term return on investment, we not only drive supply excellence with existing customers, but we also believe it gives us a competitive advantage in this crowded marketplace.”
– Bob Kovacs, Senior Vice President, Operations of NVC Logistics Group

“SmartTurn has enabled us to not only improve our supply chain efficiencies in this economy but more importantly position ourselves for long-term growth. Because it's flexible and web-based, we can rapidly sign up new clients with no additional set-up costs.”
– Brian Schoenbaechler, President, SBC Fulfillment

“The value proposition of SmartTurn is very obvious as we looked for inventory visibility beyond what any paper-based system could ever provide. More importantly, SmartTurn's on-demand model complements our own green supply chain efforts and aligns directly with our business goals as we look to reduce waste and costs.”
– Greg McRoberts, President, Verde Fulfillment USA

“Having SmartTurn's web-based WMS is a tremendous selling tool for 3PLs. We fully expect to win more customers based on the positive feedback we have been receiving from our current customers.”
– Rick Brown, Owner, R.W. Sox Logistics, LLC

“We're a growing company and needed a WMS that would scale with us just as quickly. SmartTurn provided us with such a system that is up and running as fast as we can open warehouses.”
– Steven Updike, Vice President, Arizona/Pacific Logistics LLC

Materials Handling

“Since implementing SmartTurn, we have not experienced one incident of material loss, we have been on-time if not early on every project, and our customers and sub-contractors could not be happier with the real-time inventory monitoring.”
– Charlie Crabbe, Construction Administrator, IDC Construction

“Instead of doing inventory checks one to three times per week, I do inventory checks once per month, an 80 to 90 percent time reduction.”
– Mike Durand, Warehouse Manager, White House Custom Colour

“SmartTurn will allow Habitat for Humanity to build more houses quickly and efficiently with less time spent worrying about the flow of supplies, inventory, tracking, and allocation necessary to make this project a success.”
– David McKechnie, Materials Procurement Director, JCWP

Shipping and Logistics

“First and foremost we needed a WMS that could be implemented quickly, without us having to install, manage, or maintain and in-house system. We were in a crunch to deliver immediate collaboration to our customers and SmartTurn was able to get us up and running in under 48 hours! SmartTurn is the reason that one of our largest clients signed with us and I definitely feel that this system will help keep our clients happy and as a result, remain our clients.”
– Erin Pauls, Administrator for Racer Cartage & Logistics

“SmartTurn is an equal partner that provides Nextgen™ a fully scalable solution and addresses the pain points associated with traditional software vendors. As the only eco-conscious vending distributor in the U.S. dedicated to delivering a 100% organic product line, we're also interested in reducing the carbon footprint, and SmartTurn's on-demand approach not only fits the bill, but offers the flexibility that is a competitive differentiator for us.”
– James Stewart, Operations, Nextgen Vending


“We are using SmartTurn as a mobile application on Apple iPod Touch devices with great success. SmartTurn's low monthly fee and the price of a Touch give us a wireless device with 24/7 access to our supply chain within a convenient touch interface. We've literally become the warehouse that picks and rocks.”
– Tim Markley, President of Markley Enterprises

“We needed a way to integrate our warehouse operations across the US-Mexico border over the web in real-time for our asbestos abatement product line. By ensuring we had a user-friendly, web-based system we were also able to onboard our 3PLs and manage our consigned inventory, error-free. Prior to SmartTurn we lost a lot of trade discounts with our old system... in the order of $40,000 a month!”
– Carlos Rubio, Director of Finance, Grayling Industries


“As a new business wishing to provide for our clients the best possible service regarding their storage and shipping needs, SmartTurn was a natural choice. The overall ease of which inventory can be managed and reviewed for both ourselves and our valued clients has made our system more efficient and accessible. They can log in at anytime and check the status of their inventory and verify our management of their products. The use of SmartTurn greatly improves both our professionalism and our reliability for our clients, and we would recommend its use for those seeking to better manage their virtual storage needs.”
– Monique Ray, Chief Administrative Operations, S3 Scientific Storage Solutions

“All my life, I have been taught that customers come first and foremost. Never have I seen a company outside my 33 years with IBM/Lexmark that take this to heart like SmartTurn. In a changing economy, the business of doing business is more important than ever, and no other solution out in the marketplace matches SmartTurn's affordability, functionality and flexibility.”
– Kenny Gravitt, Managing Partner, Global Environmental Services

“SmartTurn has already paid for itself; our warehouse is running like clockwork and it only takes two people to manage what used to take TOO MANY.”
– Allie Grenier, Operations Manager, Security With Advanced Technology (SWAT)

“SmartTurn's on-demand WMS and SaaS solution was exactly what we needed to eliminate internal IT infrastructure, personnel, and expertise. Its core functionality met our needs and SmartTurn has worked with us to add functionality we required. Their responsive and organized approach to implementation worked very well, and their cooperation and customer support exceeded my expectations. From its quick deployment to multiple locations to inventory accuracy and expense control, SmartTurn's technology enables us to cost-effectively move our business forward.”
– Glenn F. Schmidt, Vice President, Operations Oryon Technologies Development, LLC

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SmartTurn Selected for Inbound Logistics Top 100 Logistics IT Companies 2008