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Change the column order on list screens

On customizable list screens, you can change the order of the columns to display in a way the makes the most sense for your operation.

To change the column order on a list screen:

  1. From Administration>Custom Pages, identify the page(s) that contain the column(s) you want to modify. Highlight the page and click Edit iconEdit. The Edit Custom Pages screen appears.

    Is the list too long? You can filter the list with the Filter and Contains fields up above. More info... You can also sort the list by any column. More info..

  2. Review the top-to-bottom order of the fields on the list. This sequence represents the right-to-left sequence of the field columns on the list part of the page. If you want to modify the order of the columns, check the checkbox next to that field, and use the Up arrowUp and Down arrowDown arrows to re-position the field in the list.
  3. Select OK. To see your changes, log out, and log back in.

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