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Food Service

Success in the food service business is about timeliness and quality. Running an efficient food service operation requires tracking fresh ingredients and perishable food inventory. You also need to remain flexible and adaptable to ensure that all recipes and menus are executed and delivered without a glitch.

SmartTurn's online inventory control delivers complete control for food service operations by eliminating manual data entry, countless paperwork and any guesswork in determining what food is in stock. Designed to enhance stock and material visibility and control, SmartTurn's WMS system updates your food inventory levels as recipes are processed. This allows you to remain in control and on time. And since SmartTurn is an on demand solution, you can see and control your entire food service inventory from anywhere at anytime of the day.

  • Maintain real-time inventory of food, beverages, and supplies
  • Automate recipe and menu execution
  • Eliminate overstocks or expired ingredients
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry errors
  • Improve staff productivity
  • Improve supplier management
  • Streamline inventory management, storage, and preservation across kitchens and pantries
  • Plan and track cost of goods for recipes and menus
  • Review, verify, and reconcile quantities received against bills of lading, contracts, purchase requests, and shipping documents
  • Share stock records and other documents such as inventory, material control, accounting, and supply reports across operations and accounting departments
  • Perform inventory and financial management procedures, including ordering, receiving, and storing supplies
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