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Wholesale Distribution

The success of a wholesale distribution company relies on accurate and efficient materials management, cost control, and customer satisfaction. With the pressure of shorter lead times from the manufacture and customer side, today's wholesale distributors need a more proactive warehouse management system that helps match supply and demand quickly and more accurately to increase order fill rates. To quickly anticipate and fulfill customer demands, SmartTurn automates core warehouse business processes through one warehouse management system, so distributors gain access to real-time visibility and control.

The SmartTurn Inventory and Warehouse Management System for the wholesale distribution industry is an end-to-end solution that integrates purchasing, receiving, order fulfillment, and shipping. By streamlining these key business processes, warehouse managers and staff have access to the same up-to-date inventory information. As a result, distributors can prevent shortfalls and automate re-ordering to proactively anticipate and fulfill customer demands.

As an on-demand, inventory control system, SmartTurn provides real-time inventory visibility and control at a fraction of the costs of traditional software solutions. Designed for quick implementation, the SmartTurn WMS system is easy-to-use and enhances employee productivity by eliminating manual, paper-based processes that lead to higher operating costs and inaccurate inventory levels.

  • Achieve higher order fill rates
  • Decrease shrinkage
  • Reduce cycle counts
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce misplaced inventory
  • Decrease labor costs
  • Minimize safety stock
  • Manage multiple facilities
  • Automate warehouse management processes
  • Real time inventory information on movement and valuation
  • Accurate inventory quantity information on location
  • Manage product characteristic and specification information
  • Display inventory data the way you want it
  • Lot number and serial number tracking on all transactions
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