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Barcode Inventory Control

The SmartTurn Inventory and Warehouse Management System (WMS) is compatible with barcode inventory control systems. A barcode scanner or reader uses an optical laser (1D) or imaging technology (2D) to scan data from a printed bar-coded label or document. Barcodes are generated through software like Wasp Barcode Technologies. Devices to read barcodes can be found at many retailers and manufacturers (such as Motorola, LXE, Intermec, Psion, and Teklogix).

Barcode symbologies

There are many symbology codes used in barcode inventory control and are specified by the thickness of the black and white bars, or the space between them and there are only four thickness levels for each bar.

Who uses barcodes?

Barcode inventory control is used across a variety of industries. Manufacturers use barcodes to identify brands and unique attributes for each item. Retailers use barcodes to scan an item's UPC and quantity to be removed from inventory. Warehouses use barcodes to receive, handle and ship inventory. Transportation companies, including last mile companies like UPS, USPS, Fedex and DHL use barcodes to track cartons or envelopes from the sender to end point delivery to a recipient. In addition, barcodes are used by most companies for inventory management.

Why use barcodes?

Barcodes are designed to speed up manual processes such as daily parcel shipments inventory counts, receipts, and asset tracking. Taking the human out of the equation eliminates manual entry and your increases accuracy to nearly 100%.


Barcode scanners (or barcode readers) are very easy to use. It's just a matter of scanning a barcode, confirming you have the right product and quantity, and then completing the transaction with another scan or by hitting the enter key on the device.

Eliminate paper-based tracking

Utilizing barcode inventory control removes outdated paper-based tracking methods. Companies can track items with the aid of software programs from SmartTurn's Inventory and Warehouse Management System (WMS) or through a variety of accounting, asset and supply chain solutions. Items can be scanned remotely in real-time and the transactions are available immediately. This enables procurement staff to make informed purchasing decisions, offers real-time inventory updates for customers, and provides more accurate inventory levels.

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