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Our Plan–Configure–Run implementation methodology (or PCR) is a proven concept that has been applied to all our customers. It is the tool that will ensure that SmartTurn's Warehouse Inventory Management System matches your business and fulfills all your needs.

As Customer Experience Managers, your team will focus on planning the path to implementation with measureable KPIs, scheduled milestones and health checks. PCR begins with a kick-off meeting where we communicate our plan for you. This is the first step in our Plan–Configure–Run implementation methodology.

Our Plan

The first kick-off meeting will introduce all project team members–your project team at your site and the Customer Experience Manager (CEM) assigned to your project. Your CEM will discuss the following:

  • Project scope - your goals for this project and the activities required to achieve them.
  • Current business processes at your site and how they can be incorporated in each module (Purchasing, Sales, Receiving, Billing, Kitting and more).
    • Opportunities for you that will help you maximize the use of SmartTurn's WMS
    • SmartTurn's flexibility and your needs for customization
    • Integration requirements with and from existing legacy systems
    • Training needs for your daily user and your system administrator/superuser
  • Confirm schedules, deliverables and timelines, follow-up checkpoint meetings and frequent healthchecks.
  • SmartTurn's unparalleled help and support system: online tutorials, self-help videos, detailed and up-to-date help throughout all our modules and always live help from your CEM.

Your Configuration

The focus of this second step is to combine our learnings from our planning step and build your SmartTurn WMS system.

  • We will create a test system specifically for you to demonstrate how your new system will work–process by process.
  • We will build the integration points between SmartTurn and other software packages. Interfaces with shipment carriers such as UPS and FedEx is easily accomplished with a software integration to, for example, ShipRush.
  • Your legacy data will be loaded into SmartTurn's test system (item master, receipts, sales orders, locations, business affiliates and more).
  • We will configure your test system to reflect your business processes and leverage SmartTurn's customizable and flexible features with opportunities that will improve your WMS system.
  • Our test system will be used to train your team and show the Proof of Concept.
  • SmartTurn's superior training for your team will be customized to your requirements and conducted by your CEM.

Go-Live and Run

The last and final step of our PCR implementation methodology will implement the same configuration into your LIVE! System.

  • LIVE! system configuration.
  • Your CEM will conduct final training and "train the trainer".
  • You and your CEM will have a final meeting to confirm your configuration and you are LIVE!
  • Post GO-LIVE! Support–we are here for you and will ensure that the system works for you.
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