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Meet Your Support Team

At DiCentral, our team of Customer Experience Managers (CEMs) are here to provide you with the outstanding support that Smart Turn is known for. The customer support that our CEMs give you is customized to meet your needs. We know your language, your business processes and your industry.

Our support team has detailed industry experience that we leverage to help you. We have CEMs that have experience in your line of business:

  • Warehousing—our staff has worked in and around warehouses in many capacities and for many different industries. We have hands-on experience in inventory management, picking, kitting, shipping and receiving.
  • Transportation—we know the difference between cans, containers and trailers; we understand the complexities of cross-docking.
  • Order Entry—from placing orders for raw materials to the automatic creation of product replenishments for retail stores—our support team has placed orders, worked with vendors and carriers, scheduled deliveries, created customer invoices and worked on the full Supply Chain Logistics lifecycle.
  • Accounting—your CEMs have a vast range of billing, general ledger and AP/AR knowledge.
  • Information Technology—our team has previous programming experience and understands the technical aspects of our databases, the flow of data and how to manipulate reports and display screens. We understand data, leading zeroes and EXCEL macros. We know how to import, export and manipulate files.

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