On-Demand Inventory and Warehouse Management Solutions


Ongoing Support and Training

As part of our Plan–Configure–Run Implementation Methodology (PCR), we conduct extensive training with and for our customers. On average, we conduct approximately 10 hours of training with customers that use one warehouse, have low-volume activity and a simple system configuration.

Customers having a highly complex system configuration receive on average 20–40 hours of training.

No matter how big or small our customers are–every customer receives as much training as needed. No implementation will GO LIVE until you as our customer has been fully trained.

Help, support and training is available for our customers long after their GO LIVE date.

Health Checks

Our Customer Experience Managers (CEMs) and/or our sales team will check in with you after your GO LIVE date as part of our post-implementation procedure. We will also call you throughout the year to ensure that your operation is efficiently maximized.

Our sales team or Customer Experience Managers will use this opportunity to ask you about any new features you would like to see and how SmartTurn's On Demand Inventory and Warehouse Management Solutions can be improved to serve you even better.

Support through Web


Support by Email

Send us an email to smartturn@dicentral.com and we will respond to you promptly.

Support by Telephone

Call us at +1 281 218-4892 and we are here for you.

Online Documentation

We are proud to provide you with up-to-date, accurate and timely documentation. Our online documentation can be accessed through every screen in our Warehouse Management System. Here is how it works:

  • Access our quick support FAQ
  • Our Need Help? button is always located on the upper right corner of every screen in our On-Demand Inventory and Warehouse Management System. Press Need Help? from your home page and we will display the Table of Contents of our Help Documentation. Our first help page will display by default: How to Use Online Help. Press Need Help? from other screens such as the Shipment screen and SmartTurn will display Shipment help.
  • Not sure what values to enter in a field? Press Need Help? and we will show you available values and explain them to you.
  • Not sure how to use the help feature? Click on "How to Use Help" from your home page or simply use the Table of Contents.

Self-help Videos

  • Watch a series of interactive demos to learn how companies are using the SmartTurn WMS system to automate their inventory and warehouse business processes.
  • Test-Drive an actual SmartTurn On-Demand Inventory Warehouse Management Solution to get hands-on experience.
  • Learn about our latest new features, and try out the SmartTurn Test Drive
or give us a call at
+1 281 218-4892