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SmartTurn helps companies across different industries streamline their businesses

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Key Features

Key Features


Centrally manage and control the process of purchasing inventory items across multiple warehouses or within a single location. Help reduce unwanted carrying costs and replenish inventory levels when expected.

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Receiving & Put-away

accelerate the inventory receipt and put-away process from the dock to preferred locations faster with less work, contributing to greater control in the allocation of resources and facilitates a timely order-picking environment for warehouse staff.

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Inventory Control

Check stock level, manage inter-warehouse transfer, and generate reports for specific warehouses within seconds. Warehouse inventory management, at your fingertips.

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Order Fulfillment

Manage your offline and online orders with our efficient order management system. Also, you can create purchase orders, backorders and drop shipments, all in a single inventory management application.

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Get real-time shipping rates and in-transit details of major shipping carriers and choose a shipping partner for your business, wisely. A much-needed feature for a complete inventory management system.

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Our seamless integration with Quickbooks, Netsuite and any other CRM, and ERP systems automatically syncs all your contacts, orders and helps you manager your financial data without breaking a sweat

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We Work Out Of The Box On Most
Popular Business Solutions

SAP inventory management
Ebay inventory management
Quickbooks inventory management
Magento Vector inventory management
NetSuite inventory management
ShipRush inventory management


3PL / Contract Logistics

The SmartTurn system allows 3PLs to rapidly implement a multi-customer system in single or multi-warehouse configurations, enabling the 3PL's customers to immediately create a level of accuracy and visibility for their customers.

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Food Service

SmartTurn helps food service providers and
suppliers decrease costs, shortages, and waste by
maintaining real-time inventory control of food,
beverages, and supplies.

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SmartTurn helps healthcare institutions simplify and improve how they actively manage inventory levels, track specific usage, keep areas optimally stocked, and quickly remove any recalled or expired items before they reach a patient.

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Wholesale Distribution

SmartTurn provides easy-to-use functionality for inventory planning and replenishment, so wholesale distributors can accurately forecast demand, balance inventory costs against fill rates, and fulfill orders more quickly.

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SmartTurn contains everything an ecommerce business needs to manage and control inventory across multiple sales channel in an efficient time and cost saving manner, across multiple facilities and stockrooms...

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With SmartTurn, Argent saves $10,000 to $15,000 each month in supply chain efficiencies.

Raya Moya

- COO, Argent Associates -

Dicentral’s On-Demand WMS provides an easy-to-deploy, full-featured WMS without any of the heavy lifting.

Tim Markleya

- President, Markley Enterprise, Inc. -

Accuracy went from 91% to 99%, allowing us to provide better customer service and avoid expensive errors. We only lost one box last quarter reducing shrinkage costs by thousands of dollars.

Juddy Harris

- Delivery & Warehouse Manager AAdvantage northAmerican -

SmartTurn is our competitive advantage and has helped us overcome the burden of state regulations. We can deliver the same day to our customers, while our nearest competitors are 5,000 miles away.

Mark Galluzzo

- Vice President, West International Medical Supplies, LLC. -

Five Key Capabilities for Every Distribution Center

Only a fraction of companies are able to meet their customer service objectives on 99% of their orders, while simultaneously reducing warehouse labor costs year-over-year. A key characteristic of companies that have been successful in this endeavor is their use of Warehouse Management Software (WMS). This report examines the business value behind using WMS.

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Inventory management system features


SmartTurn Selected Again for Food Logistics Top 100 Technology Solution and Service Providers. On-Demand WMS recognized for delivering cost-effective, real-time inventory visibility to Food Service industry.

SmartTurn listed as one of Top 100 Logistics IT Providers by Inbound Logistics

SmartTurn listed as one of Top 100 Innovative Supply and Demand Chain Vendors

SmartTurn recognized for The Supply & Demand Chain Executive Green Award in 2009

SmartTurn achieved QuickBooks Silver Developer Status

SmartTurn listed as one of Top 100 Logistics IT Companies in 2009 by Inbound Logistics

SmartTurn received Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award in 2008

SmartTurn listed as one of Top 100 Logistics IT Companies by Inbound Logistics

News & Event

DiCentral Brings Exclusive Giveaways To AmCham Supplier Day 2019

DiCentral Brings Exclusive Giveaways To AmCham Supplier Day 2019

October 12, 2019

DiCentral will hold a lucky draw to giveaway 1-year FREE use of DiSmartTurn to 20 lucky winners

DiCentral Unveils New SmartTurn Website

DiCentral Unveils New SmartTurn Website

April 18, 2019

Houston, Texas, April, 18, 2019 - DiCentral, a leading global provider of supply chain integration solutions, today announced the unveiling of a newly enhanced website for SmartTurn, its cloud-based inventory and warehouse management system.


How Stock Control Softwares can Help With COVID-19

How Stock Control Softwares can Help With COVID-19

The ongoing pandemic has changed the world as we know it. Businesses and supply chains have been disrupted beyond imagination. The fact China shutdown between January and March this year was unprecedented in itself. The global spread has caused widespread panic and huge upheaval in personal lives.

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Experience the Premium Inventory Management Software with Smart Turn

Experience the Premium Inventory Management Software
with Smart Turn

check mark 1 Easy to use VMS

check mark 2 24/07 Support

check mark 3 Save up 10.000 - 15.000 / month

check mark 4 Realtime inventory visibility accuracy 91-99%