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Thuy Mai


“We take great pride in
our customers success”

Letter from the CEO

It may sound a little trite to make a statement like this. After all, what successful company is not focused on customer success, right?

I, and most of the DiCentral team, have been in the software business for quite a long time. All too often, customer success seems to be the farthest thing from the corporate mindset of software vendors. That’s why we believe this is actually a pretty bold statement coming from a software vendor - or at least the modern day equivalent of a software vendor.

After all, SmartTurn, and many of DiCentral’s other solutions, aren’t actually software, and at least no more than eBay, or your bank are. Sure, there is a lot of software behind any of these, but you don’t have to be bothered by it. You simply use the service and enjoy the utility the software is supposed to provide.

The current industry term to classify SmartTurn is “Software as a Service,” or “SaaS or even Cloud.” I like to think of SmartTurn more as a utility, like your electricity or water. It’s something simple that you trust, works all the time, and makes your life easier. Unfortunately, the enterprise software industry stopped thinking like this a long time ago, or maybe they never thought like this. On-premise software is simply more complicated and expensive to use than a SaaS service — no matter what the software purchase price is.Driven by the need to differentiate, software vendors compete by adding more and more functionality to software. Initially, many customers look at the latest software bell or whistle, and think “Wow, I’ve got to have that feature”.

The reality is that the vast majority of value customers get from software is in the basic functionality. In financial terms, the marginal return on functionality decreases very rapidly as you move away from the core functions of any software genre. In everyday terms, you could think about whether the 9th cup holder in a car makes it drive better, or whether four blades on a disposable razor really give a closer shave than three, or two.

At DiCentral, one of our core principles is to avoid this un-necessary feature bloat. Sure, we provide all the core features you need, but we don’t keep adding features just so we can have more check marks on an analyst’s spreadsheet. Instead of trying to compete by having a longer list of less valuable features, we take a very different approach. We compete on three straightforward concepts: Smart, Simple and Safe.

Translated, these three words mean we strive to take as much cost and risk out of the system as possible, while still providing you all the functionality you need. We make the system intuitive and flexible. For our SaaS products, we don’t require you to be an IT expert (or to rent or hire one). We help you run your business better because our SmartTurn service eliminates system infrastructure and maintenance costs which usually amount to >75% of the annual costs of running on-premise software. This leaves you with extra dollars, and extra cycles to focus on your core business.

Software is supposed to enable businesses to improve, expand and move forward. Instead, software seems to have created its own life inside of businesses small and large. Our approach to software is refreshing in the WMS market - we deliver the utility from the software you need, without the headaches, risk and cost that normally comes with on-premise solutions.

At DiCentral we stand firmly on the principle that software should be more like a utility which you use for the betterment of your business, not a self-perpetuating monster which you have to hire a new team to support.

We bet our business on this principle every day, because our customers can always vote with their feet. They can stop using and stop paying for our service if they are not satisfied with it.

We have to continuously satisfy our customers if we want to keep them. We know that if our customers’ business objectives are met successfully with our service, then our customers are happy, and they will continue to turn to DiCentral.

So, our customers success is our success, and we are truly “in it together” with you.

In the end, whether we look at the satisfaction of knowing we helped other businesses succeed, or whether we look at the satisfaction of growing our own business, we always know there is no distinction, and that’s why every one of us at DiCentral takes great joy in our customers’ success - and means it.


Thuy Mai