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Using inventory managers as pick policies

You can use an inventory manager as a pick policy by checking the Use as pick policy checkbox on the Edit inventory manager page.

Marking an inventory manager as a pick policy means that you can select it as a pick policy

When you use an inventory manager as a pick policy, any items in locations marked as not pickable are automatically excluded.

Important: If you delete an inventory manager, pending shipments and saved sales orders that were using the manager as a pick policy will have their pick policies cleared. Before you ship the shipment or sales order, make sure to select a new pick policy if necessary.

Example: Using an inventory manager as a pick policy

  1. Create inventory manager criteria.

    For example, this inventory manager criteria could include all of the item numbers that belong to owner Ace Dry Goods and are location Area 006, sorted by item receipt date.

  2. Create an inventory manager that includes just this inventory manager criteria. Now you can manage just the subset of your inventory.
  3. Check Use as Pick Policy when you create the inventory manager.

    For example, you could name this manager "FIFO for Ace Dry Goods" because when you view the manager, it displays all the items in location Area 006 that are owned by Ace Dry Goods, ordered based on when they were received.

    The order that the inventory items appear when you view the inventory manager is the order they will be picked when you use the manager as a pick policy.

  4. Create a shipment or sales order. A default pick policy is listed in the Current Pick Policy field. Check Override Current Policy and select a pick policy from the drop-down menu.

    For example, you could choose "FIFO for Ace Dry Goods" from the drop-down menu. Items in this shipment will be picked based on the order in which they appear in the "FIFO for Ace Dry Goods" inventory manager.

    Optionally, you could also make the "FIFO for Ace Dry Goods" pick policy the preferred pick policy for some cases. It could be the default pick policy for all shipments that leave the warehouse containing location Area 006 when the owner is Ace Dry Goods. See Preferred pick policies.

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