Voiding a shipment item

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Voiding a shipment item

Voiding a shipment item is a one step process for cancelling all or part of the shipment line item and optionally returning that cancelled quantity to inventory. You can view a voided shipment item in the Voided Items tab of the shipment record or in the Voided Shipment Items List.

To void a shipment item:

  1. Check the check box to the left of the item(s) you want to void. (All the items you select must be on this page. You can repeat these steps on each page of the shipment if you have several pages of items.)

    The shipment item must be in Closed status in order to be voided.

  2. Select void shipmentVoid selected up above.
  3. The Void Shipment screen appears.
  4. The Voided Items table lists the items being cancelled. There is one line item for each shipment line selected.
  5. For each line, the Qty Voided is listed. Key in a different value if you only want to partially void the line. The Qty Voided will be "returned" to the sales order, that is, that quantity can be shipped again.

    For example: The sales order line said that 10 bicycle tires should be shipped out. The shipment shipped out 10 bicycle tires, which automatically closed the sales order. When you void the shipment, if you enter a Qty Voided of 3 tires, then the sales order is automatically reopened and you can ship against the sales order again. You can ship out 3 tires.

  6. Check whether to Return to Inventory the Qty Voided. This box is checked by default, which means the items will be returned to inventory in the Location specified on the line.
  7. To edit the item details before the item is returned to inventory:
    1. Check the check box to the left of the item you want to edit.
    2. Select Edit iconEdit up above. An edit screen appears.
    3. Modify the item fields as needed. (Only a few of the fields are available for edit, because most of the inventory item properties, including any custom fields, are the same as when the inventory was shipped out.)
    4. Select OK when finished. The edit screen closes and the voided items reflect your edits.
  8. Select OK when finished.

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