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Customizing printouts

You can print sales orders, shipments, and receipts from the view detail page of each document.

  • For sales orders: Select Ordering>Sales Orders>View Sales Order #: SO-nnnn and choose Print from the upper right.
  • For shipments: Select Fulfillment>View Shipments>View Shipment #: SI-nnnn and choose Print from the upper right.
  • For receipts: Select Receiving>View Receipts>View Receipt #: RCPT-nnnn and choose Print from the upper right.

You can also customize the layout of the printout that appears.

To customize the layout of a printout:

  1. Select Administration>Custom Pages.
  2. Highlight the page you want to customize. Select Edit iconEdit up above.
    • You can customize printouts for sales orders (SalesOrderPrint), shipments (ShipmentPrint), and receipts (ReceiptPrint).
  3. On the Edit page, there are several tabs, one for each section of the printout. Choose to Add item buttonAdd or Delete iconRemove on each tab.
    • The information in the Ship To, Bill To (sales order only), and Ship From (shipment only) tabs appears in boxes at the top of the printout. For example, you might include the addresses and names of contact people at the Ship To and Bill To locations here.
    • The information in the Header Fields tab appears in rows immediately below the Ship To information, in three columns on the printout. (The Header Fields information appears at the top of the printout for a receipt, since there is no Ship To or Bill To information.) For example, you might include the Sales Order #, Shipment #, and Date Shipped here.
    • The information in the Table tab appears in a table of line items (sales order items or shipment items or receipt items) on the printout, below the Header Fields information. For example, you might include the Line #, Item #, Description, and Qty Shipped (or Received Qty) here.
    • The information in the Footer Fields tab appears below the table of line items on the printout, right justified. For example, you might include the Total Qty here.
  4. As needed, you can make changes to each field you have placed on one of the tabs:
    • Review the top-to-bottom order of the fields on the list.
      • For the Header Fields tab, the first three fields listed on the tab appear in the first row; the second three fields appear in the second row; etc.
      • For the Table tab, the list represents the left-to-right sequence of the columns on the printout.
      • For the Footer Fields tab, the fields appear in a single, vertical column in the order on the list.
    • If you want to specify a different name for a field on the printout, enter an Override name.
    • If you want the printout to allow for a wider or more narrow display of the data, in Display length, enter the number of characters (for text field) or digits of precision after the decimal place (for a quantity field) you want the printout to allow for the field.
  5. When you are finished, select OK to save your customization.
  6. Log out of SmartTurn and log back in again in order to apply your customizations.

For more information on customizing pages, see Managing custom pages.

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