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Editing a field on a custom page

On customizable pages, you can modify the display name, display length, and editability on both custom and core fields, on a page-by-page basis.

To edit a field on a custom page:

  1. Select Administration>Custom Pages. A list displays of all of the customizable pages in SmartTurn.
  2. In the list, locate the page with the fields you want to modify and click Edit iconEdit, above. Or double-click the line for the page. The Edit Custom Page screen appears.
  3. If the Edit Custom Page screen has multiple tabs, select the tab with the fields you want to modify. Add needed, you can make changes to each field on the custom page:
    • Review the top-to-bottom order of the fields on the list. This sequence represents the left-to-right sequence of the fields if they appear in a list or table, or the top-to-bottom sequence of the fields if they appear on the Custom tab. To modify the order of the columns, check the checkbox next to that field, and use the Up arrowUp and Down arrowDown arrows to re-position the field in the list.
    • Enter an Override name if you want to specify a different name for the field in this page. (Entering an Override name here has no impact on the Override name on other pages. You must change the Override name of the field on each page in which it appears.)
    • If the page you are modifying is a page on which edits are possible, you have the option to make the field and editable field. Check the box for Editable.
    • If you want this page to allow for a wider or more narrow display of the data for the new custom field, in Display Length, enter the number of characters (for a text field) or digits of precision after the decimal place (for a quantity field) you want the display to allow. (Changing the field Display Length here has no impact on the Display Length on other pages. You must change the Display Length of the field on each page in which it appears.)
  4. Review the page, and make any other changes you want. Click OK to save all of the changes to this page.
  5. The list of customizable pages at Administration>Custom Pages appears.

    Notice that the Change Date field for the page you modified now has a new time stamp, providing a reference for when the page was last changed.

    Remember that you need to log out and log in again to see the changes to the newly edited fields.

If you modify the Override name on a page that has an Export iconExport feature, the field exports with the modified Override name.

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