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Allow Consolidation of Pallets

Whether or not pallets are always consolidated after every operation.

For example, suppose there are 10 cs on a pallet. You receive two identical receipts, one for 4 cs of the item and one for 3 cs of the item, into the same location.

  • If this field is checked (true), then after the second receipt, your location has 1 pallet with 7 cs.
  • If this field is unchecked (false), then after the second receipt, your location has 2 pallets, one with 4 cs and one with 3 cs, and your Inventory by Item report shows two different lines. If you later adjust the 4 cs to be 5 cs, then your Inventory by Item report still shows two different lines, one for 5 cs and one for 3 cs.


The speed category based on the item's turnover in the warehouse. Values are A, B, or C.


Whether the item is hazardous. Values are No, Yes.

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