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Creating parcel post policies

To create a parcel post policy:

  1. Select Fulfillment>Parcel Post Policies. A list of parcel post policies appears.
  2. Select Add item buttonAdd up above. The Add parcel post policy screen appears.
  3. Describe the shipments for which the policy should be used by entering an Owner, Customer, and/or Warehouse.
    • The combination of these three fields must be unique. For example, there can only be one parcel post policy for goods shipped from the Oakland Warehouse when Lexington Fabrics is the customer of the items and there is no shipment Owner.
  4. Select the Parcel Carrier from the drop-down.
    • Select Shipment carrier if you want to use the Carrier from the shipment header, and manually enter in any other parcel posting information used by your operation.
    • Select <Enter carrier> if you want to manually enter in all parcel posting information used by your operation, including the Parcel Carrier.
    • Select one of the ShipRush options if you want to parcel post using a third party application, ShipRush.

      You must contact your SmartTurn representative in order to obtain the third party application, ShipRush.

  5. Optionally, enter a Parcel Account #. This account number is copied to the Parcel Post Shipment page, and is editable there when you are parcel posting the shipment.
    • If you are parcel posting using ShipRush, the Parcel Account # is passed to ShipRush. It can be edited in ShipRush. ShipRush then updates this field in SmartTurn after the shipment is parcel posted.
  6. Click OK.

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