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SmartTurn Healthcare Inventory Management Solution

Successful patient care requires that the right supplies are delivered and available at the right time. Maintaining and distributing medical inventory can take up a large portion of medical staff and technician's time. It is important for all staff, regardless of scheduling and shifts, to access, supervise, and perform medical inventory orders. This can assure proper inventory levels, access, and tracking so your professionals can concentrate on patient care.

The SmartTurn™ Inventory and Warehouse Management System for healthcare institutions eliminates manual data entry, paper files, and forms by automating records and other documents that determine how and where medical inventory is received, stored, and used. This creates better control of medical inventory and the policies and procedures that are related to managing your inventory levels.


  • Centralize material management across facilities
  • Maintain medical inventory without overstock or expiration
  • Manage “return to stock” and return goods to vendors promptly
  • Perform inventory management, storage, and preservation
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry- errors
  • Improve medical staff productivity
Healthcare Inventory Management Solution
Healthcare Inventory Management Solution


  • Review and verifying quantities received against bills of landing, contracts, purchase requests, and shipping documents
  • Establish and maintaining stock records, and other documents such as inventory, material control, accounting, and supply reports
  • Perform healthcare inventory and financial management procedures, including ordering, receiving, and storing supplies
  • Automate prescribed load list and shop stock list duties

Learn How Frozen Gourmet Streamline with SmartTurn

Learn how West International Medical Supplies enhance inventory accuracy with SmartTurn

West International Medical Supplies was able to stay compliant with regulations and improve control over inventory levels.

Discover Other Industries

Discover Other Industries

3PL/Contract Logistics

3PL/Contract Logistics

The SmartTurn system allows 3PLs to rapidly implement a multi-customer system in single or multi-warehouse configurations, enabling the 3PL's customers to immediately create a level of accuracy and visibility for their customers.

Wholesale Distribution

Wholesale Distribution

SmartTurn provides easy-to-use functionality for inventory planning and replenishment, so wholesale distributors can accurately forecast demand, balance inventory costs against fill rates, and fulfill orders more quickly.

Food Service

Food Service

SmartTurn helps food service providers and suppliers decrease costs, shortages, and waste by maintaining real-time inventory control of food, beverages, and supplies.



SmartTurn contains everything an ecommerce business needs to manage and control inventory across multiple sales channel in an efficient time and cost saving manner, across multiple facilities and stockrooms...

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With SmartTurn, Argent saves $10,000 to $15,000 each month in supply chain efficiencies.

Raya Moya, COO, Argent Associates

Dicentral’s On-Demand WMS provides an easy-to-deploy, full-featured WMS without any of the heavy lifting.

Tim Markley, President, Markley Enterprise, Inc.

Accuracy went from 91% to 99%, allowing us to provide better customer service and avoid expensive errors. We only lost one box last quarter reducing shrinkage costs by thousands of dollars.

Juddy Harris, Delivery & Warehouse Manager AAdvantage northAmerican

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