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Outstanding Features of SmartTurn’s Smart Inventory Management System

Posted: August 15, 2019 by Ly Phan

Outstanding Features of SmartTurn’s Smart Inventory Management System

A familiar challenge for warehouse owners and managers is selecting a smart inventory management system that suits their business requirements. During the course of the research, you would come across several providers offering various solutions. The common factors boil down to:

  1. On-Premise or Cloud-Based Solution: Traditionally, on-premise software was the de facto choice for warehouses. However, in the last decade, flexible and affordable cloud-based software has come to the fore.
  2. Return-On-Investment: As with every business, ROI is a critical element to consider. Aside from the budget, warehouse managers should analyze which software can generate the highest return. 
  3. Quality of Service: The level of customer service varies between providers. SmartTurn, for instance, manages the implementation process and provide full support, whereas others offer more basic packages.
  4. Features: Each software has its own unique set of features, often catering for specific industries and purposes. Additionally, warehouse managers will be looking out for what’s included in standard and premium packages.

In order to make the most of the research stage, it will be beneficial to analyze your own business before looking at the options. By identifying your requirements and where inventory management software can help, you will be better placed to consider the different offerings,

At SmartTurn, we understand the challenge of working through countless inventory software reviews. So, we’ve put together a post detailing the service we provide for our clients.


Introducing SmartTurn

SmartTurn is a market-leading inventory and warehouse management software provider, serving small to medium businesses around the world. It is a cloud-based SaaS solution that helps companies manage inventory, logistics and provide real-time visibility. The purpose is to automate processes and provide integration across the supply chain.

Designed with the user in mind, it is quick to deploy, easy to integrate with other systems and affordable for small to medium businesses - with no upfront investment required. The cloud-based solution is remotely, securely and accessible for workers who need to use it, which helps to improve the efficiency of warehouse operations.

The customizable central interface is designed to be navigable and easy-to-use for its users. It can display the key information in real-time, allowing flexibility for businesses to grow and scale.


Key Features

SmartTurn WMS offer robust features to streamline purchasing, receiving, and shipping

Inventory Management 

SmartTurn is built around this core feature giving users the ability to quickly adjust, edit, transfer and direct putaway of inventory. Additionally, you would be able to track items through the warehouse easily. This helps to maintain inventory accuracy and ensure your ability to ship to meet customer expectations.

Inbound Order Management

One of the key aspects of successful warehouse operations retaining control over spending through inbound order (purchasing).


Continually analyzing performance is essential. SmartTurn enables you to generate inventory, shipping, putaway, picking, and other functional reports and easily share them with other interested internal or external parties. Users can also view stock-out reports when creating an order. 

Item Master Setup 

Being able to create master records and rules for all products in your warehouse leads to streamlined purchasing, receiving, and shipping. The idea is to reduce data entry time and increase operational efficiency.

Kits & Assemblies 

Create and assemble kits with ease using kit specifications per item, customer, owner or warehouse (e.g., kit-to-order/stock, partial kit-orders, serial number tracking in a kit, unlimited bills of material).

Receiving Operations 

Receive a shipment against an inbound order with one click. Enter blind receipts or automate receiving using mobile scanning devices with barcode systems and quickly place items in the right locations.

Transaction History 

Track each inventory item from receipt to shipment with key attributes (e.g., serial #’s, lot #’s, expiration dates, locations, receipt dates, shipping dates, and custom fields). Track the status of document changes or inventory edits. 

Shipping & Fulfillment 

Manage fulfillment process with robust pick policies (e.g., FIFO, LIFO, FEFO, LEFO and custom pick policies) to meet your requirements. Dispatch orders, find alternate locations to pick from ensuring 100% fill rates, save shipments for later processing and void lines/entire shipments returning inventory back to stock. 

System Configuration 

Easily configure the flow of information by customizing hundreds of custom fields including field names, field placements, default data, page layouts, and informational business rules. 

Data Import/Export 

Export inventory reports, shipment lists, and other functions to create reports in Excel, or PDF to share/email with others Import key data (e.g., item masters, customer and vendor masters) to cut data entry and streamline implementations and mass changes. 

Real-time Inventory Visibility 

Real-time visibility is invaluable for warehouses as it delivers the very latest information to users. Accurately monitor inventory levels, create different reports, and export data to a spreadsheet for analysis. 


Easily administer the system from one place with intuitive screens for managing users, customers, vendors, security, master data, and system configuration. 

Web Services API 

Improve efficiency in the processes of managing orders, receipts, shipments, inventory, adjustment, and bin transfer. 

Multi-Warehouse Management 

For companies that operate across multiple locations, managing inventory and logistics can be a challenge. Centralize visibility and standardize management of business processes across multiple locations, sites, and warehouses. 

PDF Printing 

Create PDF documents for BOLs, packing slips, quality control slips, and shipping labels among others. 

Mobile Computing 

It provides key warehouse functions (e.g., receiving, picking, cycle counting, and shipping). 

Warehouse Billing 

Allow 3PL to bill their clients based on their onsite inventory and handling activities.

Premium Features

At SmartTurn, we can also offer these premium features for businesses looking for flexibility and scalability:


Integrating with external systems such as accounting and other supply chain software can be a time-consuming process. SmartTurn can make it easy to integrate into a variety of applications that support Web services or .NET XML protocols. 

Email Shipment Notification Alerts 

Clear communication across the supply chain is critical, particularly when it comes to shipping Share shipment notifications to related parties via email.


SmartTurn - Top Quality Inventory Management, Within Reach

SmartTurn delivers high-class inventory management software at an affordable price

As you can see with the extensive list of features, even in our standard version, SmartTurn delivers high-class inventory management software at an affordable price. The cloud-based solution allows clients to customize the features to suit their business needs. Its versatility can be seen in the list of clients we serve, which include:

          1. Third-party Logistics Providers (3PL) 
          2. Wholesale Distributors 
          3. High Tech/Electronics 
          4. Life Sciences 
          5. Retail Ecommerce 
          6. F&B 

Those clients have reported positive results within weeks of using the software. For example, 3PL firm Aadvantage North American said inventory accuracy went from “91% to 99%, allowing us to provide better customer service and avoid expensive errors.” Another business, specialist waste disposal company Global Environmental Services reported gaining between $7,000-$12,000 positive cashflows each quarter, just by using SmartTurn’s inventory management software.

Free 14-Day Trial

At SmartTurn, we want to provide the best possible service for our clients. A free 14-day trial is an opportunity for you to test the software without any prior commitment. In the end, you can decide whether to continue, hold further consultation with us or not to go ahead at all. 

We are confident you will be impressed with what we have to offer, so why not sign up with SmartTurn today!

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