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ADS Logistic Services Accelerates Customer On-Boarding And Improve Strategic Supply Chain Management With RedPrairie On-Demand WMS

Posted: September 28, 2010 by Ly Phan

ADS Logistic Services Accelerates Customer On-Boarding And Improve Strategic Supply Chain Management With RedPrairie On-Demand WMS

RedPrairie Corporation, a productivity solutions provider, announced today that ADS Logistic Services, a technology-based full-service supply chain management provider, has accelerated its strategic supply chain management and customer onboarding process with RedPrairie's On-Demand WMS. The solution has been implemented at ADS's Gaffney, S.C. facility—a fully automated, 540,000 square foot distribution center, with 50,000 pallet positions.

ADS originally set a goal to take on a number of lower-volume customers as part of the company's overall growth strategy. Doing so required the organization to provide customized, flexible solutions to meet their needs.

"ADS recognized that a changing business and economic climate required us to bring new clients online as quickly as possible," says Bruce Mantz, ADS VP of Operations. "With RedPrairie's On-Demand WMS, we are now able to have those customers live in our system in as little as one week. In addition, the solution has allowed us to provide those clients with a greater degree of access to inventory, sales and shipment data over the Web."

ADS expects many of the lower-volume customers it is currently working with to grow exponentially over the coming months and years. When that occurs, the company plans to move those customers over to RedPrairie's Warehouse Management solution, which ADS has used for a number of years as its foundational system. "We are proud to help companies like ADS that embrace new advances in technology to enhance customer service," says RedPrairie CEO, Mike Mayoras. "Our organization will continue to support organizations like theirs for years to come."


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