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Customers Line Up For On-Demand Warehouse Management Software

Posted: October 10, 2007 by Ly Phan

Customers Line Up For On-Demand Warehouse Management Software

SmartTurn, the leading on-demand Inventory and Warehouse Management System (WMS) provider, has experienced tremendous demand in the first six months of this year, revealing an overwhelming need for on-demand supply chain management solutions such as warehouse management software. Since its launch, SmartTurn has garnered more than 50 customer sites, spanning multiple industries including Warehousing, Beverage Distribution, Manufacturing, Retail, Medical Supplies & Devices, and Importers.

A recent Aberdeen Group study noted that on-demand solutions are just now making inroads within WMS. Sixty-four percent of supply chain executives say they would consider using an on-demand warehouse application, particularly smaller operations that will benefit from lower price points and easy implementation. And larger, multi-facility operations will also seek out on-demand solutions for the same benefits, as well as the opportunity to gain product visibility across the enterprise and decrease their IT investment, as on-demand requires minimal IT resources.

"Navis has developed a completely new solution geared directly to small warehouse operators to offer them an easier path to warehouse automation," states Aberdeen in its report 'The On-Demand Warehouse: WMS for the Future?' "SmartTurn has a low $500 a month, per site subscription rate designed to attract smaller businesses by providing them with a lower total cost of ownership than they would achieve with an on-premise WMS alternative."

SmartTurn offers a secure, scalable and affordable solution that businesses can quickly implement without the usual frustrating implementation and maintenance costs of traditional warehouse software such as Manhattan Associates (NASDAQ: MANH) and SAP (NYSE: SAP). Many SmartTurn users have experienced implementation times of less than a week. For smaller warehouse managers, IT expenditures can be a financial burden and logistical headache. But the market is responding to SmartTurn’s on-demand solutions because of its affordability and ease-of-use.

Also, unlike other WMS packages that make it difficult to extend functionality to other warehouses and to integrate across facilities, SmartTurn enables companies to easily implement and integrate additional sites to gain enterprise-wide warehouse visibility and management, without any added IT infrastructure or server hardware costs. Any warehouse can have real-time access to any other facility via a web browser and the SmartTurn application.

"The ease-of-use was definitely the final point that sold me on SmartTurn," said Dan Jordan, Operations Manager at TECHTRADE in New York. "One of the problems I've had in the past when introducing software at previous companies is that people do not want to learn new things. SmartTurn is so user-friendly that employees at TECHTRADE caught on quickly, minimizing training time to only a couple days. It was everything we needed it to be without paying an enormous cost."

"SmartTurn has tapped into unmet demand for a WMS that is secure, scalable, and affordable, with quick implementation and no maintenance headaches," said Jim Burleigh, General Manager of SmartTurn. "Supply Chain Management solutions, and in particular WMS, does not need to be synonymous with expensive and cumbersome. Businesses deserve better. Traditional WMS providers haven’t been listening. But we've stepped up to meet the needs of modern businesses ready to embrace the benefits of on-demand solutions, and have seen an incredible response. We're committed to delivering a powerful, affordable solution to meet customers' needs."

Burleigh further explained the momentum SmartTurn is experiencing by stating, "We've had a strong interest and a rise in demand for SmartTurn for a variety of reasons. We originally targeted smaller warehouses. However larger multi-site operations who already have a WMS are also taking advantage of how easy it is to implement additional sites at satellite facilities using SmartTurn."

"Also, we've seen strong interest from customers who don't have traditional warehouses but need inventory control. Hotels, resorts, and food service companies don't need a complex WMS, but do need a good way to manage product and visibility into how it flows into and gets consumed on the premises."

SmartTurn users can expect to spend as little as $500 per month compared to at least $100,000 for a traditional, low-end software package once you consider all the costs of software, hardware, maintenance and support and implementation the first year. SmartTurn users have a $500 monthly subscription, and nothing more—no license fee, no hardware, and no maintenance. Users of traditional WMS software face large upfront license fees,  high IT costs associated with buying computers, servers and networks, an implementation process that can take as long as three months, and recurring maintenance and support costs.


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