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Frozen Gourmet Manage Double-Digit Growth And Inventory Accuracy With SmartTurn

Posted: July 11, 2007 by Ly Phan

Frozen Gourmet Manage Double-Digit Growth And Inventory Accuracy With SmartTurn

SmartTurn, the leading on-demand Inventory and Warehouse Management System provider, has helped Frozen Gourmet, a wholesale food distributor, streamline warehouse operations and increase inventory accuracy to manage its growth. 

Designed for quick implementation, ease-of-use, and real-time inventory accuracy, SmartTurn helps Frozen Gourmet take control of its inventory and warehouse operations. The SmartTurn™ Inventory and Warehouse Management System provides real-time visibility for the quantity, location, and status of food items at the Frozen Gourmet's warehouse which has grown 80 percent over the last 10 years. With double-digit growth in the last two years, Frozen Gourmet had to greatly expand warehouse space to accommodate more SKUs, routes, and customers, such as Dreyer's ice cream.

"SmartTurn has the functionality we need to optimize and account for millions of dollars worth of food items," said David McDaniel, Warehouse Manager at Frozen Gourmet. “Ten years ago, when I started with the company, we were small. Our inventory management system consisted of poking your head into the freezer, counting the products, and that was it. With SmartTurn, we're doing on-the-spot inventory checks just by typing in a product code. We now track what's coming in and going out through SmartTurn which keeps our inventory update."

McDaniel adds that implementing SmartTurn went smoothly at Frozen Gourmet because SmartTurn is a user-friendly application. "We were up and running with SmartTurn without a lot of training time," McDaniel said. "SmartTurn is a fully-hosted service delivered over the Internet so we did not have to install any software, purchase any hardware, or worry about on-going IT and maintenance. Also unlike traditional enterprise software that is difficult to implement at multiple sites, SmartTurn will make it possible for us to manage both Redding and Medford sites centrally."

In 2006, Frozen Gourmet was among the first customers to install SmartTurn. Frozen Gourmet chose SmartTurn to increase shipment accuracy and to provide greater control and management of the growing SKU count. SmartTurn provides real-time inventory visibility and automates critical inventory warehouse processes at Frozen Gourmet, such as purchasing, receiving, ordering, picking, shipping, and inventory control.

"Stock-out reports, the ability to receive goods off POs in the system, and do cycle counting is terrific," McDaniel said. "But it's the daily visibility into inventory levels that counts. I now have a five-day lead-time on my ordering so it is important that I can see trends to reduce stock-outs and overstocks."

"Frozen Gourmet's adoption of SmartTurn underscores the pent-up need small and medium-sized businesses to have to address core strategic business challenges. Our on-demand inventory control solution provides real value and great results for under-served markets that would never implement Manhattan (MANH) or Red Prairie," said Jim Burleigh, General Manager of SmartTurn. "We expect Frozen Gourmet to continue its growth with SmartTurn helping the warehouse optimize inventory operations."


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SmartTurn™ Inventory and Warehouse Management System is the first true on-demand warehouse management system to provide enterprise-class functionality at a fraction of the cost of traditional license and install the software. SmartTurn provides real-time inventory visibility and control. The SmartTurn solution integrates ordering, receiving and shipping to streamline operations.

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