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Jim Burleigh Speaks About SaaS And Inventory Innovation At Eyefortransport's Annual 3PL Summit

Posted: May 19, 2008 by Ly Phan

Jim Burleigh Speaks About SaaS And Inventory Innovation At Eyefortransport's Annual 3PL Summit

SmartTurn, Inc.'s Chief Executive Officer Jim Burleigh will address the inventory innovation in Software- as-a-Service (SaaS) for Warehouse Management and how Third Party Logistic providers (3PLs) are currently using this technology to streamline their business processes, rapidly onboard and collaborate with new customers, June 23-25, 2008 at eyefortransport's 6th Annual 3PL Summit in Atlanta, Georgia.

Burleigh's 19 years of software experience supported by a record of achievement as a SaaS strategist, entrepreneur, and architect of innovative supply chain technology solutions qualifies him as an expert to discuss the factors driving 3PLs to automate their inventory and warehouse processes. Earlier in his career, Burleigh was employee #6 with the groundbreaking SaaS company,, during which he served as Vice President of Business Development, then-Vice President Marketing and Product Management. After, Burleigh spent a number of years deeply involved with warehouse and shipping solutions for Wal-Mart(R) Stores, Inc., Albertsons(R) Grocery Store, Dubai Ports World(R) and Maersk(R).

Leading the drive to bring the benefits of SaaS solutions to the supply chain, SmartTurn is the leading SaaS provider of enterprise-class Inventory and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). SmartTurn's $500 price point, unlimited user access, and deployment model measured in days as opposed to the typical 6-12 month cycle of traditional on-premise systems truly revolutionizes how software is viewed and used in the supply chain. Designed with small-to-medium sized businesses in mind, SmartTurn allows up and coming 3PLs to challenge larger competitors who may be less agile in onboarding customers, as well as provide an ability to differentiate themselves by supporting modern mass marketing efforts that require shorter production runs and fulfillment cycles, supported by real-time inventory visibility. 

"First and foremost we needed a WMS that could be implemented quickly, without us having to install, manage, or maintain an in-house system. We were in a crunch to deliver immediate collaboration to our customers and SmartTurn was able to get us running in under 48 hours! I'm sure that this program will be a success for our company, and it is primarily because of all the support and excellent training that SmartTurn was able to provide us," said Erin Pauls, Administrator for Racer Cartage & Logistics.

SmartTurn recognized SaaS to be a powerful differentiator in streamlining the Inventory and Warehouse management process, especially when it comes to inventory visibility across multiple warehouses or across multiple clients in a single warehouse. One of the biggest complaints of 3PL customers is the lack of timely visibility into inventory status, as well as the inability to easily collaborate with their 3PL vendors. SmartTurn's unlimited user access model allows the 3PL to create secure, custom logins with role-based permissions, allowing their customers to access and share business-critical inventory information with their own customers and trading partners. Unlike on-premise systems, the SaaS WMS instantly connects multi-warehouse implementations without the need for complex data and process integration middleware.

"3PLs are challenged by their customers to provide real-time 3PL/Customer collaboration and inventory visibility so that their customers feel in control of their products despite the fact that they are being received, stored, and shipped via their 3PL," said Burleigh.

Unique among SaaS providers SmartTurn's flat monthly fee of $500 per warehouse includes all support, maintenance, and upgrades; 3PLs do not pay for additional licenses with every new customer that they win. This revolutionary model delivers a total cost of ownership (TCO) that completely breaks traditional software licensing models, and allows even smaller 3PL's to offer the same, or better, technology solutions as many of the larger 3PL's. Larger 3PLs are also forced to examine the value-curve of their existing on-premise WMS as they expand or acquire new warehouses.

Burleigh's discussion will explore how 3PL's can optimize their inventory and warehouse management processes while delivering incomparable customer service levels—especially if they are working with 2 or 3 tier distribution or sourcing supply chains. "3PLs have customers that they have to satisfy on a continuous basis which means customer service is very important to a 3PL. Proactively anticipating and fulfilling customer demands, and giving the customer more visibility and control, is critical to creating a sustainable and expanding a 3PLs business model," said Burleigh.

SmartTurn will be exhibiting at the eyefortransport 6th Annual 3PL Summit at Booth #14 - June 23-25, 2008 InterContinental Buckhead - Atlanta, GA.


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SmartTurn(TM) Inventory and Warehouse Management System is the first true on-demand warehouse management system to provide enterprise-class functionality at a fraction of the cost of traditional license and install the software. Designed for quick implementation, ease-of-use, real-time inventory accuracy, and warehouses performance, the SmartTurn system provides visibility on every item across single or multiple warehouses. Founded on the premise that software should be smart, simple and safe, SmartTurn's customers span the value chain of most industries to include manufacturers, wholesalers as well as 3PLs. SmartTurn is privately held and backed by leading investors, NEA and Emergence Capital Partners.

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