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RedPrairie Acquires Leading On-Demand WMS Solution Provider, SmartTurn

Posted: May 11, 2010 by Ly Phan

RedPrairie Acquires Leading On-Demand WMS Solution Provider, SmartTurn

RedPrairie Corporation, a productivity solutions provider, today announced it has completed the acquisition of SmartTurn, the leading on-demand WMS solution provider. The acquisition adds a multi-tenant software-as-a-service (SaaS) WMS to RedPrairie's E2e™ productivity suite and creates the only software company with a WMS solution for distribution operations of all sizes and levels of complexity. With the flexibility to provide a WMS solution for any distribution operation, RedPrairie can now also provide increased visibility and collaboration between large distribution operations and their partner hubs that are too small for a traditional WMS.

SmartTurn's Inventory and WMS solution, which is running at more than 200 facilities, will be rebranded as RedPrairie's On-Demand WMS and will focus on less complex distribution operations with rapid implementation demands and flexible pricing model requirements.

"The continued growth and emphasis in supply chain execution require that all companies, regardless of size, have access to technologically advanced inventory and WMS solutions," says Mike Mayoras, RedPrairie CEO.

Adds Jim Burleigh, CEO of SmartTurn, "Our experience has shown that companies everywhere are depending on better inventory controls to improve their productivity. We are excited to join RedPrairie and are looking forward to continuing to build on the success of our on-demand WMS."

Continues Mayoras, "SmartTurn has done an incredible job creating a robust on-demand WMS that can be implemented quickly at an attractive price point for companies with less complex distribution operations. When connected with our flagship WMS and other modules, we believe existing barriers to collaboration with supply partners will be erased, as large and small companies have greater visibility into their supply chain networks."


About SmartTurn

SmartTurn™ Inventory and Warehouse Management System and the SmartTurn Inventory Grid™ are true on-demand warehouse management systems to provide enterprise-class functionality at a fraction of the cost of traditional license and install the software. Designed for quick implementation, ease-of-use, real-time inventory accuracy, and warehouses performance, the SmartTurn system provides visibility on every item across single or multiple warehouses. Founded on the premise that software should be smart, simple and safe, SmartTurn's customers span the value chain of most industries to include manufacturers, wholesalers as well as 3PLs.

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