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Techtrade LLC Turns To SmartTurn For Accurate Inventory Tracking System

Posted: October 10, 2007 by Ly Phan

Techtrade LLC Turns To SmartTurn For Accurate Inventory Tracking System

SmartTurn inventory tracking system allows TECHTRADE LLC to rapidly streamline the distribution and delivery of its products, such as PRO-TECH 8™ Structural Firefighting Gloves used by firefighters to protect against fire, heat, sharp objects and other hazards that are encountered during structural firefighting duties.

New York City-based TECHTRADE manufactures and imports diverse specialty and Hi-Tech goods such as its well known READY-HEAT™ Medical Disposable Heating and Warming Blankets used for shock and hypothermia prevention and a variety of medical, emergency medical as well as consumer needs.

Because of increasing demand for products such as the PRO-TECH 8 GLOVES and the READY-HEAT blankets, TECHTRADE needed the SmartTurn™ Inventory and Warehouse Management System to accurately track its inventory and streamline the delivery process. Pressured to fill orders from firehouses quickly, TECHTRADE implemented SmartTurn to help manage demand for the special glove and streamline inventory processes. SmartTurn provides real-time visibility for the quantity, location and physical inventory of all items at TECHTRADE.

"Sales have been growing since September of last year with the release of the NFPA certified Pro-Tech 8 glove," said Dan Jordan, Operations Manager at TECHTRADE in New York. "We didn't have a system that provided enough accuracy or visibility into inventory, which is what we needed. We were tracking our products with excel spreadsheets and communicating with our warehouse through faxes. That process suited our needs while the company was growing, but to prevent any break in the service our customers have come to expect, we needed a system that could grow with us."

After two weeks of researching inventory software solutions that cost between $8,000 and $80,000, Jordan decided to implement SmartTurn at the TECHTRADE warehouse outside of Indianapolis. "SmartTurn was the obvious choice. The implementation time was quick, SmartTurn provided the visibility we needed into our inventory while remaining user-friendly. Not to mention, at $500 per month it was affordable for our business without trying to sell us extra modules that we’d never use."

"The ease-of-use was definitely the final point that sold me on SmartTurn," Jordan continued. "One of the problems I've had in the past when introducing software at previous companies is that people do not want to learn new things. SmartTurn is so user-friendly that employees at TECHTRADE caught on quickly, minimizing training time to only a couple days. It was everything we needed it to be without paying an enormous cost."

Jordan also chose SmartTurn after a comparison of inventory control solutions because as an on demand solution, SmartTurn is a fully-hosted service delivered over the Internet so TECHTRADE did not have to install any software, purchase any hardware, or worry about IT and maintenance. Unlike traditional inventory and warehouse solutions in a market dominated by players such as Manhattan Associates, Inc. (NASDAQ: MANH) and SAP (NYSE: SAP). "A lot of the systems I looked at required a VPN or remote desktop connections, I want our employees to just be able to log in and start their work from anywhere," Jordan said.

Jim Burleigh, General Manager of SmartTurn, expressed excitement about TECHTRADE'S new offering for firefighters, and SmartTurn's role in the company's success. "We hope that by using SmartTurn, TechTrade will be able to better serve the first responders who are so important to all of us," Burleigh said. "SmartTurn will eliminate manual administration and make inventory management quick and easy so that TechTrade and their customers can concentrate on much more important and valuable things."


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