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SmartTurn Integration

SmartTurn Integration

At DiCentral, we realize that your inventory or warehouse management system (WMS) is not a standalone system. The ability to share information about purchases, orders, shipments, and inventory levels with systems used by your sales, accounting, and customer service teams is essential. SmartTurn's integration process provides companies with accurate, real-time inventory and warehouse information, regardless of which system they're viewing. Because SmartTurn is on-demand, integrations are managed by SmartTurn and shared across all our customers. The advantage: You don't need to create and manage them yourself.

The greatest efficiencies in the warehouse are achieved when the WMS fluidly exchanges information with accounting/ERP systems, barcode scanners, ecommerce systems, and many others. These systems may not be owned and run by you, but instead by your supplier, client, business partner or all three. Typical SmartTurn integrations include:

  • Accounting & Order Management Systems such as QuickBooks, NetSuite and many others
  • Barcode inventory control using scanners & mobile computing
  • EDI
  • eCommerce systems including Magento and others
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems
  • And many others
  • Integration Security & Access Control
  • rom data entering and exiting the system to integration with external applications, the SmartTurn application uses the strongest encryption to protect customer data and communications, including 128-bit VeriSign SSL Certifications and 1024-bit RSA public keys
  • In addition, all integrations leverage SmartTurn's robust access control model to ensure that only those parties with the appropriate permissions are allowed to access information and perform transactions, based on their organization and role.

EDI Integration

SmartTurn supports several data translation methods including EDI (EDIFACT, X12), XML, Flat Files and Databases that allow your company to move documents between systems, send and receive notifications and streamline process flows. This is achieved through communication methods including SOAP over HTTPS, among others.

Examples of Supported X12 EDIFACT Documents:

  • 846 - Inventory Inquiry/Advice
  • 850 - Purchase Order
  • 855 - Purchase Order Acknowledgement
  • 856 - Ship Notice/Manifest (ASN)
  • 858 - Shipment Information (Bill of Lading)
  • 860 - Purchase Order Change
  • 865 - Purchase Order Change Acknowledgement
  • 861 - Receiving Advice
  • 869 - Order Status Inquiry
  • 940 - Warehouse Shipping Order
  • 945 - Warehouse Shipping Advice
  • 945 - Warehouse Shipping Advice

Integration Methods

The SmartTurn model enables your organization to integrate to any application including custom-built applications, legacy systems, spreadsheets or online solutions. Integration with SmartTurn is supported through three methods:

Pre-Built Integrations

SmartTurn is connected to many applications with pre-built process flows allowing you to quickly connect and go-live with reduced implementation cycles. SmartTurn is currently integrated with several applications including: customer relationship management, point of sale, web stores, ecommerce/shopping carts, order management, barcode labeling, parcel posting, transportation management, RF and RFID mobile solutions, procurement, freight optimization and floor automation.

SmartTurn APIs

Connect one or all of your applications directly to SmartTurn's inventory and warehouse management system through Web services or .NET XML. APIs support processes, documents and data including Purchase Orders, Receipts, Inventory Adjustments, Cycle Counts, Bin Transfers, Sales Orders, Shipments, Parcel Posting, Canceled Orders/Items, Item Masters, Locations, Business Affiliates, 3PL Billing and Item Transaction/Activity.


Importing has never been easier with an easy-to-use interface and pre-built templates to import inbound and outbound orders, licenses/tags, locations, items, business affiliates and more. Or, update key contacts, item attributes and price/costs with two clicks. Imports and updates are validated ensuring the existence of an item allowing your staff to concentrate on critical tasks without messy spreadsheets and unnecessary review. In addition, SmartTurn has exports readily available throughout many processes within the system.

Reasons to Integrate

  • Synchronization and updates
  • Sync all records at once, or on an order-by-order basis
  • Sync inventory adjustments from SmartTurn to your system
  • Update your vendors, customers, carriers, brokers and owners
  • Flexible/Scalable Integration
  • Create purchase orders and sales orders in SmartTurn based on your ERP system
  • Create purchase orders and sales orders in SmartTurn based on your ERP system
  • Accurate Data - With SmartTurn, your Financial Systems inventory data is now backed by accurate, timely inventory levels coming from your warehouse. No more batch-mode reconciliations, manual or duplicate data entry errors. Your QuickBooks inventory, NetSuite inventory, or other system data is always in synch with your WMS system.
  • Automatically create inventory receipts with or without a bill based on a purchase
  • Automatically create customer invoice in your financial application based on a shipment
  • Sync inventory adjustments from SmartTurn to your system
  • Update corresponding orders in your application as closed or invoiced
  • Automatically create item masters, customers and suppliers in SmartTurn
  • Efficiencies, Accuracies and Real-time Data
  • Real-time Data - All customer, trading partner, item masters, quantity, adjustments, shipping, and inventory level information stays accurate in real-time, allowing you to view real inventory status any time you need to.
  • Mobile-ready - SmartTurn has a Windows CE/Mobile client ready to go at no extra cost or fuss for automating your warehouse with wireless bar-coding, RFID, or cycle counting.
  • Reconcile inventory values between SmartTurn and your financial application
  • Integrate with new or existing technologies
  • Direct data integration to stay connected and flexible when you need to
  • Expand parcel shipping to UPS, FedEx, DHL and USPS with an integrated weighing scale
  • ntegrating with your customers or trading partners is simple—you can even add an ordering, nventory control and status web-page link to your website with role-based, secure logins for your best customers or trading partners.
  • Efficiency Through Workflows - Improve customer service levels through higher order fill rates, lower safety stock, misplaced inventory, shrinkage and improve average order cycles, and control your cash-to-cash inventory cycle.
  • Create purchase orders and sales orders in SmartTurn based on your ERP system


Built-in Connectors - SmartTurn has several pre-built connectors to integrate your existing or new systems with an inventory control, order and warehouse management solution. Additionally, SmartTurn is integration-ready with many popular systems including:

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With SmartTurn, Argent saves $10,000 to $15,000 each month in supply chain efficiencies.

Raya Moya, COO, Argent Associates

Dicentral’s On-Demand WMS provides an easy-to-deploy, full-featured WMS without any of the heavy lifting.

Tim Markley, President, Markley Enterprise, Inc.

Accuracy went from 91% to 99%, allowing us to provide better customer service and avoid expensive errors. We only lost one box last quarter reducing shrinkage costs by thousands of dollars.

Juddy Harris, Delivery & Warehouse Manager AAdvantage northAmerican

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