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SmartTurn is the leading On-Demand Inventory and Warehouse Management System (WMS) provider. Unlike traditional on-premise software, SmartTurn offers quick deployment, ease of integration, and high scalability to meet the unique needs of your business environment. Based on the concept of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), SmartTurn™ Inventory and Warehouse Management System and the SmartTurn Inventory Grid™ are the first true on-demand warehouse management systems to provide enterprise-class functionality at a fraction of the cost of traditional license and install soft-ware.

Widely recognized as the leader in on-demand WMS, SmartTurn has hundreds of customers including wholesale distributors, major food and electronics distributors, and leading logistics providers among others.

SmartTurn extends the value of NetSuite by providing affordable, enterpriseclass online inventory management collaboration among trading partners and visibility on every item across single or multiple warehouses. Designed for quick implementation, ease-of-use, and real-time inventory accuracy, SmartTurn and NetSuite together provide inherent supply chain collaboration by leveraging the Internet across a supply chain network.

Real-time Visibility & ROI in Weeks

With broad functionality and pre-integrated with NetSuite, SmartTurn delivers inventory and warehouse management processes through one centralized system providing companies with real-time visibility and control into the movement of inventory across multiple warehouses or within a single location.
SmartTurn and NetSuite address secure information sharing, collaboration and Web 2.0 functionality driven by the Internet and supply chain best practices. With a pay-as-you-go model providing unlimited users and transactions per facility, SmartTurn not only save a typical warehouse thousands of dollars per month but also produces a positive ROI in as little as 30 days.

Measuring Value in Today’s Supply chain

Supply chain and logistics executives are interested in two simple things. First, they want to ensure that the product gets to the customer in a way that meets the customer’s expectations. Second, they want to do this at the lowest possible cost to the operations they manage.  These goals are why selecting SmartTurn and NetSuite are so important for your business.  From creating temporary supply chains to rapidly adapting to dynamic market forces (e.g. fluctuating fuel prices, consumer demand), companies need the flexibility and scalability found in SmartTurn for effective, managed long-term planning.

Today, supply chain management is uniquely difficult because its complexity extends beyond a company’s walls.  Issues such as globalization, internal and external business practices, and customer requirements come into play.  We’ve reached a tipping point where technology vendors need to address both the need for an agile and dynamic solution and the age old problem of inventory visibility and collaboration.

The WMS competitive advantage

Faster inventory turns - reduce lead times by limiting inventory    movement and improving the accuracy of inventory records

More efficient use of available warehouse space - lower inventory carrying costs by increasing available warehouse space by more efficiently locating items in relation to receiving, assembly, packing, and shipping points.

Reduction in inventory paperwork - significantly reduce paperwork traditionally associated with warehouse operations (e.g. receiving reports, pick tickets, packing lists), as well as ensure timely and accurate flow of inventory and information.

Improved cycle counting - capture relevant data (e.g., frequency of  movement, specific locations, etc.) to systematically schedule personnel for cycle counts. Such cycle counts not only can improve the accuracy of inventory records for planning purposes, but also can eliminate or reduce the need for complete, costly physical inventories.

Reduced dependency on warehouse personnel - facilitate standardization of inventory movements, picking methods, and inventory locations. This standardization helps to minimize reliance on informal practices, resulting in reduced training costs and lower error rates.

Enhanced customer service - streamline processes from order to delivery, accurately determine product availability and realistic delivery    dates, and reduce returns as a result of increased shipment accuracy.

Improved labor productivity - maximize efficiency while reducing labor   costs by incorporating several inventory picks into one or by cross docking, reducing warehouse handling.

The SmartTurn-netSuite advantage

SmartTurn is the first true on-demand WMS system that provides enterpriseclass capabilities at a fraction of traditional software costs. Together with NetSuite, businesses can manage warehouse operations from purchasing and receiving to order management and fulfillment through real‐time inventory visibility and automation processes.  The benefits are fundamental:

Improve customer Service – Deliver the perfect order, accurate and on time every time. Promise against ship dates and keep customer commitments.

Comprehensive Transaction history – Track inventory items from receipt to shipment using serial and lot #’s through bin locations and kits.

Eliminate paperwork, data entry and costly errors – Move purchasing, receipt and shipment information online. Centralize storage and access to product status and location information.

Robust pick policies – Manage fulfillment process with pick policies (FIFO, LIFO, FEFO, LEFO and custom pick policies) to meet your requirements based on product line or warehouse location.

Conduct physical Inventory counts – Maximize the time your labor spends shipping product on time and minimize physical inventory counts by making inventory status accurate and accessible from anywhere.

Avoid Stock Outs – Real‐time visibility and inventory access allowing you to monitor your transactions from anywhere.

Achieve Real‐time Inventory Visibility – Up to the minute inventory status at your fingertips.

Mobilize Your Workforce ‐ Instead of being bound to your desktop, free your workforce with the power of mobile computing.

Pre-integrated with netSuite - Standard warehouse integration processes (sales and purchase orders, receipt, fulfillment, cycle counts, etc.) are fully preintegrated

Unlimited users and transactions - With SmartTurn, users are charged based on per facility/warehouse basis, unlike other solutions which charge based on transactions and/or number of users.

Changing the landscape

Enhancing NetSuite’s inventory management functionality, SmartTurn’s easyto-use, on-demand WMS breaks the traditional enterprise WMS software mold of expensive upfront license and consulting fees, long deployment times, and ongoing maintenance costs.  On-demand enables warehouses to quickly deploy and easily integrate with front-office and back-office operations with no hardware to buy, software to install or technical staff to maintain.  Companies can easily and cost-effectively add users and warehouses to drive growth and stay one step ahead of the competition.



  • SmartTurnTM Inventory and Warehouse Management System


  • On-demand, quick-to-deploy inventories and warehouse management software (WMS)

  • Pre-integrated with NetSuite
  • Opeational within days or weeks
  • 24/7 accessibility from anywhere at anytime with 99.997%


  • Wholesale Distributors
  • Ecommerce
  • Manufacturers
  • Food Service
  • Consumer Goods
  • Life Sciences
  • High Tech/Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Hospitality
  • Third-party Logistics Providers (3PLs)


  • General Inventory
  • Multi-warehouse/facilities


  • Faster inventory turns
  • More efficient use of warehouse space
  • Reduction in inventory paperwork
  • Improved cycle counting
  • Less dependency on warehouse personnel
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Improved labor productivit
  • Fewer administrative and shipping errors

Only 30% of North America’s warehouses have a WMS which means visibility is spotty throughout the supply chain.

- Georgia Institute of Technology


  • Up and running in days with no hardware to buy or technical staff to hire unlike traditional WMS system

  • Monthly subscription fee with no maintenance headaches or cost
  • Affordable, pay-as-you-go model at a fraction of the cost of traditional on-premise software
  • Rapid implementation to quickly on-board new customers
  • Easy integration with external systems including accounting, ERP, barcoding and procurement
  • Integration-ready for strategic data and information processing (EDI, XML, Flat File, Data File, FTP/FTPS, HTTP/HTTPS, B2B processes, acknowledgement handling, realtime alerts)
  • Secure, enterprise-class infrastructure
  • On-demand scalability to easily add users, warehouses and SKUs

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